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My Eyes Saw More Than My Heart Could Handle

Elegantly, incisively written raw in its honesty, profound in its insights “My Eyes Saw More Than My Heart Could Handle” this is not simply the story of an individual artist but a crucial book of poetry itself. The poems are passionate, sometimes angry, out spoken and often compelling. Her talent is unbounded an intimidating raw force that commanded attention and respect. She is an eloquent and honorable role model and her poetry is a perfect example of her depth as a humble human being. A powerful poet that speaks to all audiences her perspective takes her desire in love and her passion for life to another level. Her gift of storytelling is indomitable and vibrant. Monya Williams’s most intimate and honest thoughts were uncovered at an early age due to the deferment of a dream. My Eyes Saw More Than My Heart Could Handle gives the reader a harrowing portrait of the rough worlds of Monya navigating through her riveting exploration through her life’s journey. So thoroughly engrossing, it speaks from a cultural viewpoint. Monya Williams distinguishes herself here as a true artist and a writer of deep talent. This book is the story of an artist in constant evolution, one who embodies the strength of the brilliant woman who doesn’t pacify the daunting ills life has to offer.

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