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No Regrets


Life doesn’t always go as we plan. Often there are a few roadblocks, pitfalls, setbacks and other obstacles that interrupt our lives. When faced with difficulties it’s easy to want to give up, run but hard to stay and face the issues head on. When life and love isn’t favorable, we tend to lose faith instead of trusting the process. Not finding rest in knowing it will work out for the best.


If we would just take a moment to delve deep into the strength within and allow the inevitable to happen and run its course. We will find that all the stress, tears, pain, agony and confusion we caused ourselves was unnecessary. Robbing us of the joy of the moment. Learning to come to terms with we can have that in which we desire if we just be patient. Life has no timeline only we place a timeframe on what we want.


Rest in the truth of what is meant for us is for us. What is meant to be will be despite what it looks like at the very moment. If you can visualize it you can have it, you have to keep the faith, put in the work and believe you can have it. Live life with no regrets and believe that all things work together for our good. Find peace and joy in divine timing.

Peace and Blessing.

I enjoy her poems not only for the story they tell and the optimism but the rhythm and rhyme.



In this beautiful book of poetry, Words of My Pen gives us a window into her creativity.

Many of her life experiences are revealed in her prose; the reader gets caught up in her emotions and reflections with her words. Becoming one with her writings.



Her writings controversial and her books and poems are excepted in many places and like many great poets people either love her or hate her poems.



Questions arise, "what are you giving your grace to?"




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