The Soul of a Poet

The illusion of what one believes love, wealth and happiness to be is conveyed by the end result of what others have achieved. We often find ourselves entangled in the hype of life or idea of success but never want the responsibility or the struggles that comes with it. “The Soul of a Poet” gives insight through the third eye (conscious mind) which many don’t even know how to use. Delving deep into the soul of one’s inner most frustrations of the gentrifying of culture, lifestyle, and beliefs only to capitalize off the back of our truth and discarded as if we have no value. Painting pictures on the blank canvas through the conceiving of words birthed on these pages. Abridging the gap between fallacies and realities of beliefs on which one is defined. Reading between every line you began to gravitate to the truth about whom you are and who you are created to be.

I enjoy her poems not only for the story they tell and the optimism but the rhythm and rhyme.



In this beautiful book of poetry, Words of My Pen gives us a window into her creativity.

Many of her life experiences are revealed in her prose; the reader gets caught up in her emotions and reflections with her words. Becoming one with her writings.



Her writings controversial and her books and poems are excepted in many places and like many great poets people either love her or hate her poems.



Questions arise, "what are you giving your grace to?"




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