Picking up the Pieces


When things are going the way we feel they should go there is nothing that we can't face. But the moment things began to become uncomfortable we look for the easiest way out. What ever happened to fighting through the situation? What ever happened to going through the test to have a testimony? When did it become our responsibility to take care of others’ lives and not know what it is to take care of our own lives? In life we all have something that is coming against us whether it is at the work, home or our own personal issues. For each situation there is grace given, if you always chose to give it away stop complaining when there is none left for yourself. Stop getting mad at other people for prioritizing their life, issues and circumstances. You too can do the same thing if you chose to, yet you sit there waiting for someone else to come along and do so. My early years I allowed people to use me, run over me, manipulate me in more ways than one because I wanted to help them or better yet save them. I have finally learned that if I can’t work out my own issues then I can’t help anyone else work out theirs.

I enjoy her poems not only for the story they tell and the optimism but the rhythm and rhyme.



In this beautiful book of poetry, Words of My Pen gives us a window into her creativity.

Many of her life experiences are revealed in her prose; the reader gets caught up in her emotions and reflections with her words. Becoming one with her writings.



Her writings controversial and her books and poems are excepted in many places and like many great poets people either love her or hate her poems.



Questions arise, "what are you giving your grace to?"





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